With the introduction of the 1.3-litre 750-Series Giulietta in 1954, Alfa Romeo established the ‘small car, big performance’ formula which would characterise the Milanese marque’s finest offerings from then on. The original Giulietta model designations and body styles were carried over into the improved 101-Series produced from 1959 and continued when the range was up-graded to Giulia status in 1962. Outwardly almost indistinguishable from the outgoing Giulietta, the Series-101 Giulia boasted a more powerful and much less fussy 1,570cc engine, in addition to welcome improvements to the previously feeble heating arrangements.

Launched in 1963, the Giulia Sprint GT featured classically stylish four-seater coachwork designed by Bertone’s Giorgetto Giugiaro, though this was now manufactured not be Bertone but at Alfa’s new factory at Arese. Beneath the skin the new coupé utilised the recently introduced 105-Series Giulia TI saloon’s five-speed manual gearbox, independent front suspension, coil-sprung live rear axle and - early cars excepted - all round disc brakes. The Sprint GT came with 106bhp on tap (up from the TI’s 92bhp courtesy of two twin-choke Weber carburettors) an output sufficient for a top speed of around 112mph. Improvements to the inlet ports characterised the more-powerful (109bhp) engine of the Sprint GTV (or GT Veloce) introduced for 1967. Exhilarating driver’s cars, the Sprint GT range was an immense success for Alfa Romeo, enjoying a 14-year production run lasting until 1977.

This exceptionally well preserved right-hand drive Sprint GT Veloce was purchased new in 1967 by the current owner, passing next to his mother and then to his brother before returning to his personal ownership in more recent times. Laid up for the past few years and last MoT’d to 2001 until now, the car has covered a genuine circa 37,000 miles from new and benefits from a brake upgrade (to larger discs) carried out in the late 1990s. Full history and original logbook.


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