AC 3000ME 1986

Genuine once in a lifetime opportunity to buy what is probably the nearest you will get to a new car , 13k from new all handbooks etc , genuine concourse car never been out in wet , and stored since new in a dehumidified garage , I was planning on keeping forever along with stereo etc has all the original parts to change back to original specs, wheels and original unused tyres never been on road ,The car has a top of the line Alpine hi fi all period with amps etc etc, Please note no holes have been drilled to fit any non standard parts, very fussy owner. Robin Rew exhaust manifolds, one off interior mats and boot mat, all ac3000me logos on each mat. Car waxoyled from new, so as new underneath as well, I could go on and on about this car, but it is probably unique, owner before me had for over twenty years. Cars of this quality hardly ever or never come onto market, also interesting is that it is half a Thames ditton car and half ac Scotland, only one other car supplied as rolling chassis to Scotland with this one. I also have loads and loads of new spares and many many magazines and rare automobilia. So there you have it, if you genuinely want the best then come and view, you will not be disappointed in any way. Please note I’m not desperate to sell and will only sell to someone who is a real enthusiast and knows these cars , as it needs to be coveted and pampered as its always been, so you may fall in love with the car , but I will need convincing too.

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