It is Alpina that we always thanked for the birth of the 3.0 CSL. The racing and tuning company applied pressure to BMW to build a lightweight version of their E9 Coupe and to homologate the car for the ETCC. The first 169 carburettor CSLs were built and have always been considered the purist form of CSL. The first carburettor versions were as BMW wanted the car and before the market place had an influence on the finished article. The ultra-lightweight versions of BMW E9 were pure. No interior light, no front bumper, plastic rear bumper, boot and bonnet props instead of springs, bonnet pins instead of interior bonnet pull down, Plexiglas rear windows, fixed rear windows, wind up front windows, thin carpet and no underseal made a significant weight saving over the more luxuriously equipped 3.0 CS. Here the rarest of all the 3.0 CSLs. Not just is this example one of the first generation CSLs in the purest form she is also a genuine Alpina B2S.

Alpina was now well and truly established as both race team, race parts provider and road car tuner. The B2S was a very cleverly modified and tuned version of the CSL. It took the lightweight coupe to a higher level, taking her closer to her Gr 2 race cousin whilst keeping the road usability. This Alpina achieved with great success although it has to be said that this conversion came at a jaw dropping price. Nearly doubling the price of the already exorbitant production CSL.

This particular example was supplied new to Alpina straight from the factory. The BMW paperwork and certificate show this. The car was then fully converted to include the 250 BHP B2S engine, triple twin choke side draught Weber carbs with Alpina intake and air box, tubular exhaust manifold, engine oil cooler, Alpina interior gauges, a road version of the ZF race dogleg gearbox, Alpina exhaust, Alpina 45% locking differential with pump and oil cooler, Alpina adjustable front and rear roll bars, Alpina progressive rate springs and Alpina Bilstein dampers, larger Alpina front brakes, Alpina front spoiler, gearknob, steering wheel, Britax three point harnesses and the beautiful 14X8 Alpina split rim wheels.

This Inca orange example has to be the rarest and purist CSL now available, a genuine carb CSL in Alpina B2S spec from new. The car is 100% original, with every correct Alpina part still fitted. Every panel is original to the car and the bodyshell is unwelded. The car is presented in concourse condition and is ready for use having undergone a nut and bolt rebuild over the last 10 years. This has to be the rarest and most special CSL in existence.

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