Single family owned from new. Car bought new in March 1970 at the dealership Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati, Antonucci Automobili SpA. in Trieste.
Lusso configuration Fulvia homolgated street rally car: Preparation with stainless steel bumper, glass windows, interior black leather, body color Brown Parioli in honor of a member of the family that ran in the 60's with a Ferrari GT of the same color.
BO409425 was first license plate. The car was used only for weekends and then kept in the family estate in Tuscany.
In 1975, the car was given to a member of family of original owerns.
The Fulvia had a change of plates to CH184639, due to the different province of residence of the new owner, as required by law at the time for reasons of public policy, to prevent "foreign" plates not belonging to those circulated in the provinces , raising alarmism and possible violent reactions of residents to foreigners identified by license plate .
The owner wanted to bring the Fulvia 1.6 HF Fanalone to America, where he worked. But due to transport problems and approval, the car could not be registered in the United States. As a result it was only briefly used for a few months and then placed in storage and left unsued until the owner gave the car to another relative.
Since then the car had been little used, the new owner decided to display the car for years at a dealer in Trieste until it was decided to entrust a famous restorer and collector of rally cars in 1995 to do light restoration works to prepare the car for the road again.
The electrical system was renewed respecting the original scheme, the front windshield was replaced due to damage during the car’s extended stay.
After recommmissioning, the car was again stored for years in a garage waiting for the FIVA and ASI certification and cared for and kept in perfect working order, even when not running.
On the death of owner, the Fulvia HF was bequeathed to the final family member by his father in 2011.
In 1979 the clutch was changed having become glued due to extended downtime.
The car has covered a remarkable total of 6200km since it was manufactured.

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